About Us

Our Mission 

ESAN CONSULTING DMCC is a Noise Control, Vibrations & Acoustic Consultancy that provide services to Universities, Architects, Interior Designers, Contractors and Developers. Our Mission is to provide sustainable and innovative designs to ensure annoyance and known adverse health effects associated with excessive exposure to Noise and Vibrations are eliminated.

Our Story

Founded by Dr. Jason E Cambridge, who has worked in Sweden, New Zealand and UAE covering all aspects of Acoustic Design: ESAN CONSULTING DMCC utilizes research based design methodologies to solve complex noise and vibrations issues.

Dr. Cambridge received his Phd. from the University of Canterbury in New Zealand, MSc. from Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden and Bachelor's of Engineering Degree from Stony Brook University of Canterbury. He is a member of the following International Acoustic Societies:

  • Institute of Acoustics (IOA) - UK
  • Institute of Noise Control Engineering (INCE) - USA
  • Middle East Acoustic Society (MEAS) - Dubai, UAE

Dr. Cambridge's academic background provides him with the theoretical knowledge to accurately develop Acoustic Models, while his  international consulting experience enables him to ensure that Esan Consulting DMCC provide build-able solutions to a wide range of Noise and Vibrations issues.

ESAN CONSULTING DMCC  provide independent consulting services and do not sell products. We ensure that all of our recommendations are for the best interest of our clients.

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